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When we put together this site, we had no idea just how popular these free printables of banners would be. It makes sense: we made them because we could not find them anywhere on the Internet, either! You should feel so smart for finding us! Enjoy your party or event and please don't keep this site to yourself!

If you would like to suggest a category for more banners, crafts, games and/or activities, please Contact Us to let us know. We love to hear your suggestions, and will do our very best to make Quality-Kids-Crafts.com your first and favorite place to look for free printables and crafty fun for kids.

Individual Printable Banner Letters

Individual Alphabet Letters
This page is fairly self-explanatory. You will find each of the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Yup. A through Z. Just like the song! We did put together major holidays and milestones in groups, but you may want to personalize your banner by adding the guest of honor's name. Here is your chance. Print them individually and personalize away!

Birthday Banners

On this page you will find free printable banners to wish someone a Happy Birthday, Happy Bar Mitzvah and Happy Bat Mitzvah. If you are more traditional, you will find a banner for Many Happy Returns and if you are just a little on the ornery side we even have an Over the Hill Banner.

If you are feeling a bit "creativity challenged," visit our friends at www.Party-Ideas-Galore.com for party ideas for all occasions: 1st Birthday, Kid Birthday, Teen Parties, and Adult Parties. Creative party ideas for invitations, favors, gift baskets, and party hats. That should get you on your way to kicking off your party in style!

If Christmas is the winter holiday you look forward to, this is where you will find banners to help you make the yuletide gay; so to speak. Countdown to Christmas and declare that the Big Man himself (you know, Santa Claus) is on his way.

Check this link for banners to help you celebrate Father's Day, Grandparent's Day and Mother's Day. For those on the other side of the apostrophe placement controversy, that would be Fathers' Day, Grandparents' Day and Mothers' Day. For the small minority of you who feel that the case should be neither singular possessive nor plural possessive, here is the regular plural tense for you: Fathers Day, Grandparents Day and Mothers Day.

Until recently I had no idea whatsoever that the little apostrophe (or omission thereof) was such a hot topic. Seriously. Talk about some heated discussions. Geez oh Pete! Go read Eats Shoots and Leaves.

No, this page is not just for higher ranking military officials. Here you will find free printables for Best Wishes, Congratulations, Good Luck, Surprise and Thank You banners.

Going Away
No one really likes to say goodbye, so print a banner and be done with it. Saying goodbye stinks, unless it is someone that you have been hoping would leave for a very long time, and then it is really cool! On this page you will find Good Luck and We Will Miss You banners.

What can be said about Halloween? It used to be orange and black, but now it seems to be orange and black and purple. When I was a kid, we got homemade popcorn balls and candied apples. Little old ladies might put out a plate of pennies on a pretty doily.
Now entire neighborhoods decorate with lights, Halloween-themed inflatables and movie-quality smoke machines. Wow, that just made me sound REALLY old.

Here is where you will find banners to wish someone Happy Hanukkah or Happy Chanukah as well as Mazel Tov. Other alternative spellings can be accommodated by visiting our Individual Alphabet Letter page, or feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to add your preferred spelling to our page for future use.

No, not like Texas football mums that rival Halloween decorations (although feel free to request that sort of a banner or visit our Individual Alphabet Letter page). I wonder if I still have a picture from that era of my life. Anyway, this page is more along the lines of someone went away and now they are coming home so these are Welcome Home banners and Welcome Back. For instance, if Mr. Kotter were to leave but then he came back; well, you do the math.

This is where to find your free printable Happy Kwanzaa banner. As with other holidays, if you prefer an alternate spelling, please Contact Us and/or visit our Individual Alphabet Letter page to achieve the desired spelling.

Awww... Here you will find banners for Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentine's Day, Hugs and Kisses, I Love You, We Love You and You Are Loved.

New Year
This is where you will find a free printable Happy New Year banner. Big surprise, huh?

This page has a Welcome to School banner and a banner for Back to School. Free printables of more teacher resources to follow.

Spring Holidays and Summer Holidays
Let's face it, there is just not that much going on in the summertime, so it is lumped in there with the Spring holidays. So, Happy Easter, Happy Fourth of July, Happy Independence Day and Happy St. Patricks Day banners are all on this page (I already addressed the apostrophe controversy on the Family holiday banners section, but here you go - a Happy Saint Patrick's Day banner is very easy to customize from the Happy St Patricks Day banner, okay?)

Either a Happy Thanksgiving banner or a Happy Turkey Day banner would be very nice for a classroom in fall colors like brown, orange, yellow, gold, etc. Who can resist the splendid colors of fall leaves!

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