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Kids Crafts: Olympics Coloring Pages and More

Olympic fever strikes again! Here are some new kids crafts to help celebrate the 2008 Summer Olympic Games!

Olympics Coloring Pages

Olympic Coloring Pages

Olympic Torch Print for Children
Here is a picture of the olympic torch to colour. It is kind of groovy; the contours of the flame are great for mixing red, yellow and orange for a cool firey look!

How about some Olympic medals to color, cut and wear? Okay. Here you go!

Kids Crafts Flag Templates - now more than 50 can be found on our templates page.

More Olympic Crafts

Olympic Wreath Craft
Olive Wreath Headband
Here is a very simple Laurel Wreath Olympic crown headband to make. As you can see in this picture: Spike- our kids crafts black cat was not in the mood to model today. He must be on strike. What a Diva.

Spike had better watch out, because Brian doesn't complain about modeling. Maybe we should have a Search Brain instead of a Search Cat. Just kidding. Spike is way cuter.

Paper Plate Olive Wreath
Paper Plate Olive Wreath
This has to be my favorite of this year's Olympic crafts. Not that I like to play favorites, but I happen to think it came out really nice!

Okay, the Beijing Olympic Torch craft is pretty cool, too. Not to brag, but a person who shall remain nameless but happens to be married to me saw my design team's* prototype and didn't think it could have possibly been a result of my efforts. He thought it must have come from the official Olympic website or something! *By "design team" I mean my five-year-old daughter and myself!

Paper Plate Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings Craft
This craft is so simple (and fun!) that you don't even need to print out the instructions! Just take five small paper plates and cut the centers out. Color, paint or collage the rim of each plate in a different Olympic color: blue, black, red, yellow and green.

To link together, make a cut on the yellow and green rings only. Since the top row doesn't really link, just hook the yellow ring through the blue and black rings and the green ring through the black and red rings. No need to link the yellow and green rings together.

Okay, that does sound a little complicated; but trust me here, you will do just fine. Really! If you know me personally, I would almost bet that you are laughing as you read this because I am incredibly mechanically challenged!

Olympic Activites for Kids

Olympic Activities for Kids

NEW! This page has some kid-friendly suggestions for Olympic-style activities and games to enjoy at home or with a large group.

Olympic Recycling Crafts

Puzzle Pocket
Here are some fun ideas to recycle some of the Olympics marketing materials which you may already have just lying around. We had a 12-pack of Coca-Cola that we made these craft stick puppets and mini-puzzles from.

Craft Stick Puppets
For the mini-puzzles; we simply cut the can shapes from the outside of the box and then further cut them into three or four piece puzzles. Then we traced the puzzle pieces onto some scrapbooking paper for a puzzle frame. Next we folded it and taped the paper on three sides to make a storage pocket for the pieces.

Use your imagination and look through magazines, catalogs, and miscellaneous mail for interesting images to use for a collage or other kids crafts. Contact Us with your ideas and we might feature them on the site. Have fun!

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Need more ideas?

Special thanks to YardBunny for authorizing the use of her digital scrapbooking images which appear on this site and to AJ for designing this wonderful template!
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